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Our company is a global player. With a workforce of around 2,300, 27 branches and numerous sales partners, our presence spans more than 100 countries. 

Our expertise lies in the development of products for clinical diagnostics, the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries and biotechnology. This is a market that is growing with the global population, longer life expectancies and scientific advances. 

Our research department develops innovative products and system solutions. Its work is geared towards the needs of our markets and is carried out in close collaboration with our cooperation partners. 

Our products are innovative, efficient and of high quality, thereby complying with our customers' requirements. 

Our growth is based on close and long-term cooperation with our dealers and strategic partners. 

Our goal is healthy and sustainable growth. The long-term prospect of success always lies at the heart of our strategies. 

Our employees are responsible for the company's success. A corporate culture geared towards teamwork and motivation, together with a broad spectrum of training and further development measures provide solid foundations for increasing our employees' knowledge, skills, expertise and long-term dedication. 

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